World Homeless Action Day

So my group, the London Homelessness Outreach Network, has volunteered to take the lead on World Homeless Action Day this year in London.  This is an international day for raising awareness that occurs every October 10th.  Last year we found out about this only about a month in advance, so didn’t have a chance to put anything together.  We vowed at that time that this year would be better.

We don’t really have any set ideas at the moment, all we know is that we want to do something that has maximum media impact, raising awareness of homelessness in our city, and perhaps 1 or 2 simple messages (such as that no one chooses to be homeless, or that the affordable housing waiting list averages 9 years in London).  It is Thanksgiving Monday, so there won’t be a lot of foot traffic, but we could also tie it in with a Thanksgiving message.

What I’m looking for are ideas.  What could we do to make maximum impact?  We have some great volunteers, but just need an idea of how to use them.  I’m open to suggestions…

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  1. Karen Laing says:

    Hi Abe
    Good to see you this week! Great idea…..bad day. Really… Folks inLondon are apathetic and do not think there is a problem. Sadly but true….do you really think they care about a 9 year wait for housing??? BUT if you Base it on the reality that it could easily be one of us….circumstances!!!I find in Woodstock there are folks who have cars… Houses etc and are not living beyond means But have lost jobs and have to go to the food bank OW and will loose everything!!! This will hit home to the middle class….it could be us!! Just a thought !! Good luck

  2. What about your idea from last year about arming a whole bunch of people with stats and stories on cardboard and sending them to “posts” throughout the city…

  3. Abe Oudshoorn says:

    Karen, good point, the ‘this could be you given the right set of circumstances’ is a strong message. It’s a tricky one to convey though and still be true to the reality that homelessness tends to happen most often to those with extensive and possibly intergenerational histories of poverty.

    James, that was the first idea we were going with, but it’s Easter Monday so the exposure from both foot and vehicular traffic would be quite limited. We are thining of something now that could generate more press and be less dependent on engaging with people passing by.

  4. Abby says:

    How about: “How many paycheques away from Homelessness are you? Be Thankful and Give when you can.”

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