Women’s Services Survey

While there are many commonalities across experiences of homelessness, these experiences differ based on gender. Due to the gendered nature of the experience, it is important that responses to prevent and end homelessness include a gender-based approach. The Government of Canada defines a gender-based analysis as, “an analytical process used to assess how diverse groups of women, men and non-binary people may experience policies, programs and initiatives.”

A national research collaboration consisting of Abe Oudshoorn, Kaitlin Schwan, Rachel Caplan, Stephanie Begun, Naomi Nichols, Faith Eiboff, Alex Nelson, Kayla May, and Colleen Parsons will be posting results soon on if and how communities across Canada are using gender-based approaches to community planning and service delivery for preventing and ending homelessness. Our particular focus on gender in this context is considering the experiences and needs of women, girls, and transgender women.

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