Sport for Social Inclusion: Active 4 Life Evaluation

Active 4 Life is a collaborative program between The Salvation Army Centre of Hope and Street Soccer London with support from community partners. The purpose of the program is to provide social inclusion and physical literacy through sports opportunities to people experiencing housing instability and/or mental health concerns. With a variety of sports options throughout the week, the program seeks to be low-barrier and provides a space of belonging and activity.

Our research involved a mixed methods evaluation process looking both qualitatively and quantitatively at social inclusion and physical literacy. Researchers engaged with the program over a period of 2 years to conduct time 1 and time 2 surveys, as well as interviews with participants. Data sources are explored together to understand overall how the program did or did not contribute to inclusion and physical literacy.

From this, we have developed a practice manual to assist others who are interested in using sport for inclusion with people experiencing mental health challenges and/or homelessness:


A scholarly article from this project is pending and will be linked here.


Abe Oudshoorn, RN, PhD
Laura Misener, PhD
Jenna Richards, RN, BScN

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Salvation Army Centre of Hope
Street Soccer London

Research Staff:
Colleen Van Loon
Kirsten Locke
Katie Abbott
Megan Yates
Lucy Park