June Update

  1. We are taking the lead on World Homeless Action Day on October 10th.  The idea is to have an event to raise awareness of issues around homelessness and housing, and we are considering a public performance piece that involves building a mock affordable housing development out of cardboard.  We are looking for a faith community or business centrally located that would allow us to do this in their parking lot.  We also hope to engage developers and/or the City to help give a clear message about barriers to housing.  If anyone would like to take the lead on this, I would be delighted to work with you.
  2. The running group looks like it is merging into the work Alexis is doing with Youth Opportunities Unlimited, and will hopefully be off-the-ground sometime this summer.
  3. The Grit Uplifted magazine is coming along well and we will be announcing a launch event shortly.
  4. Our street level healthcare initiative is making major headway, and we are planning on hosting a community roundtable on healthcare and homelessness on September 28th or 29th in partnership with London CAReS, the Health Unit, and the Regional HIV/AIDS Connection (formerly ACOL).
  5. Making for a busy fall, I am also partnering with the London Community Foundation (who is funding the Grit magazine) to chair a town hall on housing and homelessness this fall, which will hopefully lead to some more funding opportunities for 2012.
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