It’s Everything

The following is a powerful video created by the Calgary Homeless Foundation on the idea of housing first, which is a nice follow-up from my previous post.  I particularly like the comment around poverty and income support, with the idea that we will always need more social housing as long as we continue to provide people with an inadequate income to meet this basic need.

The video ends with a poignant quote from a woman living in housing first, when asked what housing first is: “It’s everything. Without home it’s, it’s nothing.”


Framing Housing First from Calgary Homeless Foundation on Vimeo.

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  1. Hi! Thank you for your posting our new video on your blog. I really appreciate your comments and what you wrote in your previous blog — “I personally see the most promise in the Housing First model, as this recognizes that for many, advancement along a continuum is not in the perceivable future. This is not to give up on people, but to recognize for many, recovery simply looks like survival.”

    Our experience in Calgary definitely demonstrates how Housing First has an impact on individual lives, families and communities. Housing First means timelines shift as does measurement of success — someone retaining housing for 3 months after years of homelessness is a significant success.

    I’m looking forward to reading your Publications — thanks for all you do and are doing to alleviate homelessness.

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