Dear Councillor D Brown

I had been avoiding signing the petition asking Mayor Fontana to take a leave.  In my mind, it quite easily could have been a big mix-up, and I didn’t want to get carried away and push for something on the basis of misinformation.  However, now that charges have been laid, I have changed my stance.  It’s not that I think we should call him guilty before trial and force a resignation, and it’s not that I even support the hyperbole around the ‘moral authority to lead’.  Rather, I cringe at the thought of him serving as our chief ambassador until these charges have been settled.  I note in his review of Year 2 that the Mayor has attended 300+ community events, as well as attending regional, national, and international functions.  I believe that until this whole scenario is cleared up, councillors would serve as much better ambassadors for our City, in his place.

I know that this has been a difficult situation for you and your colleagues, and hope that you can find a way to optimize the image of our City in the face of negative national press.

Thank you,

Abe Oudshoorn

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2 Responses to Dear Councillor D Brown

  1. Lisa W says:

    Well said Abe.

  2. Sharon Desserud says:

    Well said, thoughtful as is anything else I’ve heard from you! Thanks. Unfortunately she chose not to support this viewpoint today

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