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London’s New Housing Stability Action Plan

The draft plan is available for public review, it can be downloaded here:

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5 Interesting Points – Shelter Capacity Report

The Government of Canada has released the 2018 Shelter Capacity Report today. The following are 5 points that I found interesting: The total # of emergency shelter beds in Canada has grown from 2015 to 2018 (up to 15,859 from … Continue reading

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Zoning for a Supervised Injection Site

The conversation regarding a supervised injection site in London has been going on for as long as I’ve been in the sector (ie. 2004). However, the Ontario Supervised Injection Services Feasibility Study very much brought energy to the conversation last year, … Continue reading

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What do we do about Sunny?

The recent furore regarding Sunny James and the removal of his belongings from public property reminded me that the London Homeless Coalition needs a position statement on how to address people experiencing homelessness engaging in private behaviours in public spaces. … Continue reading

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The Stories we tell Ourselves about Youth Homelessness

The other morning at the end of a swim practice I was chatting with some fellow swimmers about a new grant we had received to explore policy and poverty. An older gentleman I hadn’t talked with before was sitting nearby … Continue reading

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Shelter Use in Canada

Although the vision in London and across Canada is to end homelessness, emergency shelters continue to play a key role within the system as it stands. They serve as a ‘sure thing’, a landing spot for people as they encounter … Continue reading

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A Call For Compassion

English poor laws, dating back centuries, were termed as a form of “relief” for the poor. However, in reality they were simply a means to remove poverty from sight. Children were arrested and put into workhouses, men were put in … Continue reading

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8 ways that Ontario’s Affordable Housing Update will help end Homelessness

Ontario’s Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy Update was announced today. Here are 8 ways that this update will help end homelessness in Ontario communities: Increasing CHPI Funding – CHPI stands for Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative. This is the provincial contribution to … Continue reading

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Are you sure you’re ready to talk about mental health?

Let me preface what I’m about to say with acknowledging my support and thanks for #BellLetsTalk. I believe that any effort to de-stigmatize mental illness is a valuable one whether it comes from corporations, academia, or activists. However, as a … Continue reading

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Why help refugees when Canadians are homeless?

Discussion of the Syrian refugee crisis was common around family dinner tables over the holiday season. With the new Canadian Government working quickly to fulfill their election pledge, communities across Canada are beginning to receive their first government sponsored refugees. … Continue reading

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