2011 Provincial Election Recommendations

The London homelessness Outreach Network has drafted recommendations for provincial MPP candidates in regards to poverty, health, housing, and homelessness.  To view the document, please click HERE.

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3 Responses to 2011 Provincial Election Recommendations

  1. Finding Home is an excellent set of recommendations and kudos should go to all who contributed.

    I read with great interest the recommendation under Giving Dignity that speaks to provincial support of drop-in centers. Would appreciate speaking to anyone who gets provincial funding currently other than from MOHLTC or the LHIN. Specifically, if anyone is getting $ from MCSS?

    We are looking at seeking some inroads here in Toronto.


    • londonhon@rhetoric3.com says:

      In London, funding for drop-ins that is external to the host agency usually comes from one of two sources. The first is HPS funding which people need to apply for annually. The second is from our municipal funds, administered largely through a program called “London CAReS”. No MOHLTC or LHIN funding that I know of going towards drop-ins, though I obviously don’t know the full scope of where all the different agencies are getting their funds.

  2. George says:

    Most Funds Not Goint to Homeless

    For example – At the Salvation Army Territorial and Divisional Headquarters in Ontario the top 21 average incomes are over $145.000.00 per year, with the top getting $241.000.00 plus generous, cradle to grave, benefit plans – nearly as much as the Premier of Ontario.

    In addition, there are many incomes over $100,000,00 which, in Canada, we call the “sunshine club”. Most of these high income employees are officers or Salvationists.

    It’s outrageous that the Salvation Army pays themselves exorbitant sums of money designated to the poor and disadvantaged of society. This is an unconscionable misuse of charitable funds to line their own pockets and a serious breach of trust. They are literally taking from the poor.

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